Why SeaTable is The Next Big Spreadsheet Solution

October 14, 2021

Set to become the European market leader in the area of "Next-Generation Spreadsheet Solutions"

MAINZ, GERMANY, October 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- SeaTable GmbH is a top software developing company, which has its headquarters in Mainz and additional offices in Berlin and Beijing. SeaTable enables you to organize, analyze, produce, plan, and design and at the same time allows you to keep track of all of your information at all times, so you can achieve optimal results. SeaTable changes the way information are processed under one platform, which will change the way spreadsheets are used in future.

SeaTable is available worldwide since July 2020. The still quite new spreadsheet solution consists of 3 different products, including SeaTable Cloud, SeaTable Dedicated and SeaTable Server.

“The demand for our solution is increasing every day. We now receive daily requests from all over the world, from public institutions and companies that want to work more efficiently together in a team on ideas, tasks and projects. This makes us incredibly proud. It is important to us to respond to the requirements and needs of our customers with the development of SeaTable in order to offer them the highest possible added value in everyday life.” Said Christoph Dyllick-Brenzinger, CEO & Founder of SeaTable GmbH.

The SeaTable tools are available for users from around the globe, and the users will be able to enjoy advanced and new flexible way for teams to work on tasks, projects or ideas. SeaTable provides multiple sharing levels and permissions so that everyone sees only what they are supposed to see. SeaTable comes with absolute price transparency starting with the free version which can be easily switched to the Plus or Enterprise subscription at any time and top-notch Security made in Germany which protects your data via SeaTable Cloud which is hosted exclusively in certified German data centres.

“It’s really great to see how we’ve grown since our launch in July, 2020 and especially how rapidly our software solution has developed. With SeaTable, we are creating a place where people can work more efficiently in a team on a wide range of tasks. It is important to us not to cover only one field, but to make SeaTable a flexible tool that can be used everywhere. We are constantly developing new ideas to turn SeaTable into the European and later the global market leader.” Said Philipp Braun, CMO of SeaTable GmbH.

SeaTable is software for collaborative information management. In SeaTable, data of all types can be captured, organized and analyzed. Data entry is done through an intuitive spread-sheet web interface and customizable web forms. More than 20 different column types and filtering, sorting, and grouping functions are available for organizing data. In addition to pivot tables and charts as classic evaluation tools, SeaTable offers application-oriented visualization such as Gantt charts, Kanban, gallery, and map views. As a collaborative tool, SeaTable also support the exchange of data within a team and with third parties in various ways. SeaTable is developed by seafile Ltd. And exclusively distributed Europe by SeaTable GmbH. In addition to a cloud offering, SeaTable can also be operated on premises.

Company Name: SeaTable GmbH.
Contact Person: Philip Braun
Email: pbr@seatable.io
Phone number: +49 6131 26550-30
Website: https://www.seatable.io

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